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Floral Art & Decorative

Entry Free

Chief Stewardess: Mrs. Prue Bennett 

Stewardess: Mrs M Carle


A. Exhibits in Floral Art to be arranged by the exhibitor. Purchased flowers may be used.

B. The Judge will consider: Originality, Design, Condition, Colour Scheme, Scale, Balance, Suitability of Container and Focal Point.

C. Designs are usually 1.5 to 2 times the height of the container.

D. A bowl is a round container with the diameter greater than it is inside depth.

E. Mechanics (oasis, wire etc.) are to be well disguised. No ribbon is to be used.


3400 Design in a Basket. Basket is to be of natural woven material with a handle.
3401 Fabulous Foliage. No colour of any flower to be seen.
3402 In the Back Yard. Design to resemble a back yard. Any accessories can be used. Design can be up to but not exceeding 60 cm.

3403 Tall and slender.
3404 A Design using only Conifer Foliage and Cones
3405 Centrepiece. 'An arrangement for a special occasion'. Accessories may be used.
3406 Free Expression. A creative design that does not fit into any specific category. It must contain fresh plant material and may have one or more points of emergence.
3407 Design using any container - eg. gourds, old boots, tin cans etc..

YOUTH SECTION 17 years and under. No Entry Fees. Prizes - First $2.00, Second $1.00

3411 Arrangement of Fresh Flowers in own Favourite Mug (Six years and under.)
3412 Egg Cup Arrangement. (Six years and under.)
3413 Egg Cup Arrangement. (Seven to twelve years.)
3414 Miniature Garden Arrangement, some Fresh Flowers (13 to 17 years.)
3415 A Walk in the Bush. (All ages)
3416 Article using Fruit and or Vegetables as a means of expression - 12 years and under.
3417 Novelty Arrangement, An arrangement in a container using plant material in unusual ways. (All ages.)
3418 Best Youth Exhibit - Prize $5.00 sponsored by a Friend of the Braidwood Show Society

3421 Jean Roberts Perpetual Trophy, for the Best Arrangement in Section P.
3422 MOST SUCCESSFUL EXHIBITOR - Award based on the total of points awarded - three for First place, two for Second place & one for Third place in classes 3400 to 3417. Gift Voucher donated by Braidwood Bunyip Jungle Flower Shop and Nursery

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