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CHIEF STEWARD: Rudi Stachow, PO Box 119 Braidwood 2622, Phone 0418 546 396

STEWARD: M. Stachow

ASSISTANTS: Amy Kervin, Kate



Entry free

Entries can be lodged with the Chief Steward up to 9.00am on Show Day.

Entries must be accompanied by Cheque or Money Order made payable to Braidwood Show Society.

No entry fee refunds.


All birds to be penned no later than 9.00Am on morning of show. Birds may be penned on the evening prior with permission of the Chief Steward.

• Birds must be delivered in appropriate cage

• No birds to be removed until directed by the Chief Steward

• Exhibits must be in no way 'plucked', 'dyed' or 'faked'.

• No birds to be handled other than by officiating judges & stewards.

• Any birds infested with vermin, scale or disease will rejected or disqualified.

• Pairs to be judged as breeding pairs only.

• Best of Breed only given if six (6) or more of the same breed. 

• Juniors must own and pen their own birds.

• Juniors must enter in Junior or Open section, not both.

The greatest care will be taken, but the Braidwood Show Society will not be held responsible for any accidents, loss or damage arising from any cause. The exhibits are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

Poultry categories include; soft feather, hard feather, bantams, waterfowl, juniors and pets.

To see the full list download details of categories here. [PDF 100Kb]


NOTE: Prize money in the following Champion & Reserve classes will be respectively $20.00 & $ 10.00:


Champion Softfeather - Large, Champion Hardfeather - Large, Champion Softfeather Bantam, Champion Hardfeather Bantam & Champion Waterfowl

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