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ALL BREEDS CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW. Judging commences 09.30am with all breeds puppy sweepstakes and breed classes to follow.

Classes to be judged: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 (dogs and bitches).

Entries to Dog Show Secretary:

Mrs D. Meagher

PO Box 9237 Wyee 2259

Phone: 0427 701 944


In case of extreme weather on Show day phone 0414 322 905

Dogs NSW Representative: Miss L Ross


Mr G Cruse

Mr N Curwen

Miss K Anderson

Judging commences 09:30am

Order of Judging: Sweepstakes followed by Hounds, Working Dogs, Utility & Non Sporting concurrently. Toys, Terriers, Gundogs not before 12 noon

Entry Fees: Breed $13.00 Sweepstakes $8.00

Catalogues $5.00 Limited number available on the day

Ground Admittance: Adults $ 10.00, Children $ 5.00

Refreshments Available Camping NOT Available 

Make this a double show weekend with Tarago Show Society on the Sunday.





Best in Group & Runner Up to Best in Group; all age Classes in Group

Best in Show & Runner Up to Best in Show; all age Classes in Show (Baby Puppy, Minor Puppy, Puppy, Junior, Intermediate, Australian Bred and Open)


1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Getters in 3 - 6 months and 6 - 12 months Sweepstakes


The classes to be judged at this show are based on the age of the dog:

Class 1: Baby Puppy, 3 - under 6 months

Class 2: Minor Puppy, 6 - under 9 months

Class 3: Puppy, 6 - under 12 months

Class 4: Junior, 9 - under 18 months

Class 5: Intermediate, 18 - under 36 months

Class 10: Australian Bred, Over 6 months - born in Australia

Class 11: Open, Over 6 months

Note that though Classes 10 and 11 are open to dogs aged over 6 months it is customary that dogs over 3 years (36 months) are entered in these classes. These are mature adults in full coat and hard show condition and it is expected that the top winners on the day will come out of these classes. On occasions a promising younger dog will win a top award as a Judge rewards the appearance and breed type/structure of a particular young dog on the day.

Males (dogs) are always judged first in each breed. Each class is judged separately and winners placed first, second and third. First in each class (except baby puppies who can not compete against any dog over 6 months) go in the ring for the 'Challenge line up'. The winner is awarded a challenge certificate and points towards the championship title. The second place in class to the Challenge winner joins the line up for the judging of Reserve Challenge. (Reserve challenge gains no points) Judging of the females (bitches) follows with the same procedure.

The Dog Challenge and Bitch Challenge winners then go into the ring for judging of Best Of Breed (BOB). If the Dog is awarded BOB, the reserve Dog Challenge winner would go back into the ring for Judging of Runner Up Best of Breed (RU BOB) against the Bitch Challenge winner. 'Class run offs' then take place, where the dog and bitch winners of each class compete for age class of breed. For example the winner of the Baby dog class and the Baby bitch class, 'run off' for Best Baby of Breed. BOB and RU BOB automatically win their class of breed.

Once judging is complete for all breeds in the Group all Best of Breed winners enter the ring for judging of Best In Group. Lets say the Dalmatian wins Best Exhibit In Group, the RU BOB Dalmatian would go in to the ring for the judging of Runner up Best In Group (RU BIG). Then in turn, all age class of breed winners enter the ring for Class in Group judging, starting with the Baby Puppies. BIG and RU BIG automatically win their age class in group. 

This same procedure is followed for General Specials where the winners in all seven groups come together for judging of Best In Show awards.

What breeds will be at Braidwood and how to find them:

Breeds of dogs are grouped together in loose associations some of which are obvious and others not so.


Group 1 -Toys

Group 2 - Sporting Terriers

Group 3 -Gundogs

Group 4 -Hounds

Group 5 - Working Dogs

Group 6 -Utility Dogs

Group 7 - Non-Sporting Dogs

If you are looking for a specific breed, ask the Show Secretary on the day to introduce you to owners present with their dogs.

A detailed listing of breeds is on this website:

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