Rules & Regulations

The following additional rules and regulations apply to Horse Event competitions:

All Ponies and Galloways must produce Life Height Certificates or be measured by the Measuring Steward before exhibiting. Measuring ticket or Life Height Certificates must be presented to the Ring Steward before competing.

Intention to protest must be lodged with the Ring Steward before the Prize winners leave the Ring. (See By-law No. 1)

Exhibits must be the property of the Exhibitor one month prior to the Show.

Entry tickets for each class entered must be obtained from the Horse Section Office and presented to the Ring Steward before competing. SPORTING AND SHOW JUMPING ARE BOOK ENTRIES ONLY. UNLESS SPECIFICALLY BOOKED FOR THESE EVENTS YOU WILL NOT BE IN THE DRAW.

IMPROPER BEHAVIOR: Outside assistance to competitors by word, by radio or any other method in Horse Ring Events will NOT be permitted. If in breach of this ruling, competitors and their exhibits may be dismissed from the event and from the Showground. Competitors' names to be submitted to the ASC.

The Committee reserves the right to make any alterations without notice.

The Committee reserves the right to reduce prize money if there are less than three nominations in any event in the Sporting Section.

Stallions are eligible to compete in Sporting and Jumping Events. A bit is optional in all ridden and hack classes, unless otherwise stated.

Stewards will not allow exhibitors to compete unless Protective Helmets are worn which meet the current Australian Standards.

The Apple Races and Needle Races are to be run across the Ring.

Galloway Classes are not eligible to compete in the 64 kg. (10 stone) Hack Class.

Riders in jumping events must wear skullcaps (Meeting the present Australian Standard) and coats.

Competitors not appearing when called may be disqualified.

The definition of a LOCAL Rider, Horse, Pony or Hack is any Rider, Horse, Pony, or Hack who or which resides or is stabled within the Braidwood postal code of 2622

There will be a Third Ribbon in all classes where there are four or more entries.