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Entry Fees - Adults: $3.00 Incl. GST, Children 14 years and under: $1.00 Incl. GST

Prize Money - First $4.00, Second $2.00 unless otherwise stated.

All horses in classes 1100 to 1136 must be registered or foal recorded with the A. S. H. Society. Membership cards and registration papers must be produced on demand.

Competitors who have won a First, Champion or Reserve Champion ribbon in Ring Two, Hack & Hunter classes are not eligible to compete in the Second Chance Rider Classes.

Judging commences at 9.00am

Chief Steward and Ring Master: Mrs. Kerry McGlone

Stewards: L. Tetley, Tim Raynolds, Tony Pass, Don Collett

Entries: Mrs M. Faviell, P. McGrath and Mrs D. Wood

Ring Announcers: Mr. M. Horan & Mrs. C. Owen

Download a HORSE ENTRY FORM here.

Download a WAIVER FORM here and submit with your entry.


Rules & Regulations


Rider and Pony Club

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Show Hunters & ANSA


1100 ASH Junior Handler, under 13 years
1101 ASH Junior Handler, 13 years and under 18 years

1102 Champion ASH Junior Handler, under 18 years
1103 Reserve Champion ASH Junior Handler, under 18 years

1104 Led ASH Colt Under 4 years
1105 Led ASH Stallion 4 years and over

1106 Champion Led ASH Stallion
1107 Reserve Champion Led ASH Stallion

1108 Led ASH Filly under 2 years
1109 Led ASH Filly 3 years
1110 Led ASH Mare under 15hh (4 years and over)
1111 Led ASH Mare 15hh and over (4 years and over)

1112 Champion Led ASH Filly/Mare
1113 Reserve Champion Led ASH Filly/Mare

1114 Led ASH Gelding under 2 years
1115 Led ASH Gelding 3 years
1116 Led ASH Gelding under 15hh (4 years and over)
1117 Led ASH Gelding 15hh and over (4 years and over)

1118 Champion Led ASH Gelding
1119 Reserve Champion Led ASH Gelding

1120 Grand Champion Led ASH. Golden Gundie Perpetual Trophy, donated by Peter Goutlay. Sponsored by The Ultimate Horse Shop, Goulburn


1121 ASH Snaffle Bit, 3 years and under
1122 ASH Snaffle Bit, Stallion under 15hh
1123 ASH Snaffle Bit, Stallion over 15hh
1124 ASH Snaffle Bit, Mare under 15hh
1125 ASH Snaffle Bit, Mare over 15hh
1126 ASH Snaffle Bit, Gelding under 15hh
1127 ASH Snaffle Bit, Gelding over 15hh
1128 ASH Snaffle Bit, Rider under 13 years
1129 ASH Snaffle Bit, Rider 13 years and under 18 years
1130 ASH Curb Bit, under 15hh
1131 ASH Curb Bit, over 15hh

1132 Champion ASH
1133 Reserve Champion ASH


1134 ASH Working, 3 years and under
1135 ASH Working, Stallion under 15hh
1136 ASH Working, Stallion over 15hh
1137 ASH Working, Mare under 15hh
1138 ASH Working, Mare over 15hh
1139 ASH Working, Gelding under 15hh
1140 ASH Working, Gelding over 15hh
1141 ASH Working, Rider under 13 years
1142 ASH Working, Rider 13 years and under 18 years

1143 Champion Working ASH
1144 Reserve Champion Working ASH

1145 Champion ASH, Rider under 18 years
1146 Reserve Champion ASH, Rider under 18 years

1147 Grand Champion /Working ASH Sponsored by The Ultimate Horse Shop, Goulburn

2nd CHANCE - HACKS For horses or ponies that have not won Champion, Reserve or 1st in Ring Two Hacks.

1148 Pony Hack n/e 12.2hh
1149 Pony Hack over 12.2hh n/e 13hh
1150 Pony Hack over 13hh n/e 13.2hh
1151 Pony Hack over 13.2hh n/e 14hh
1152 Lightweight Galloway 14hh n/e 14.2hh
1153 Heavyweight Galloway 14hh n/e 14.2hh
1154 Lightweight Galloway 14.2hh n/e 15hh
1155 Heavyweight Galloway 14.2hh n/e 15hh
1156 Hack over 15hh n/e 15.2hh
1157 Hack over 15.2hh n/e 16hh
1158 Hack over 16hh n/e 16.2hh
1159 Hack over 16.2hh

2nd CHANCE - SHOW HUNTERS For horses or ponies that have not won Champion, Reserve or 1st in Ring Seven Hunter classes.

1160 Hunter Pony n/e 12.2hh
1161 Hunter Pony over 12.2hh n/e 13hh
1162 Hunter Pony over 13hh n/e 13.2hh
1163 Hunter Pony over 13.2hh n/e 14hh
1164 Hunter Galloway over 14hh n/e 14.2hh
1165 Hunter Galloway over 14.2hh n/e 15hh
1166 Hunter Hack over 15hh n/e 16hh
1161 Hunter Hack over 16hh

Last updated 17/2/18