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Judging commences 9.00am

Entry Fees: FREE

Conditions: Classes will be split or added if numbers warrant. All led winners in the led breed classes are eligible for Grand Champion Led Exhibit. All winners in the ridden breed classes are eligible for Grand Champion. Ridden Breed Exhibit.



1500 Led Shetland Pony Stallion or Colt

1501 Led Shetland Pony Mare

1502 Led Shetland Pony Gelding

1502a Champion Shetland

1502b Reserve Champion Shetland

1503a Ridden Shetland Pony Stallion

1503b Ridden Shetland Pony Mare

1503c Ridden Shetland Pony Gelding

1504 Champion Ridden Shetland

1504a Reserve Champion Ridden Shetland Pony




1505 Led Miniature Pony Stallion or Colt

1506 Led Miniature Pony Mare

1507 Led Miniature Pony Gelding

1507a Champion Miniature Pony

1507b Reserve Champion Miniature Pony




1508 Led Welsh Section A Stallion/Colt

1508a Led Welsh Section A Mare

1508b Led Welsh Section A Gelding

1509 Led Welsh Section B Stallion/Colt

1509a Led Welsh Section B Mare

1509b Led Welsh Section B Gelding

1510 Led Welsh Section C and D Stallion/Colt

1510a Led Welsh Section C and D Mare

1510b Led Welsh Section C and D Gelding

1510a Champion Led Welsh Pony

1510b Reserve Champion Led Welsh Pony

1511a Ridden Welsh Pony A

1511b Ridden Welsh Pony B

1511c Ridden Welsh Pony C and D

1511d Champion Ridden Welsh Pony

1511e Reserve Champion Ridden Welsh Pony 



1512 Led Stallion/Colt

1513 Led Mare

1514 Led Gelding

1515a Champion Purebred Arabian

1515b Reserve Champion Purebred Arabian

1516 Ridden Purebred Arabian Stallion

1517 Ridden Purebred Arabian Mare

1518 Ridden Purebred Arabian Gelding

1519a Champion Ridden Purebred Arabian

1519b Reserve Champion Ridden Purebred Arabian




1520 Led Stallion/Colt

1521 Led Mare

1522 Led Gelding

1523a Champion Arabian Derivaties

1523b Reserve Champion Arabian Derivaties

1524 Ridden Arabian Derivative Stallion

1525 Ridden Arabian Derivative Mare

1526 Ridden Arabian Derivative Gelding

1527a Champion Ridden Arabian Derivative

1527b Reserve Champion Ridden Arabian Derivative




1528 Led Stallion/Colt

1529 Led Mare

1530 Led Gelding

1531 Champion Buckskin

1532 Reserve Champion Buckskin

1533 Best colour Buckskin

1534 Ridden Buckskin Stallion

1535 Ridden Buckskin Mare

1536 Ridden Buckskin Gelding

1537a Champion Ridden Buckskin

1537b Reserve Champion Ridden Buckskin




1538 Led Stallion/Colt

1539 Led Mare

1540 Led Gelding

1541a Champion Palomino

1541b Reserve Champion Palomino

1542 Best Colour Palomino

1543 Ridden Palomino Stallion/Colt

1544 Ridden Palomino Mare

1545 Ridden Palomino Gelding

1546a Champion Ridden Palomino

1546b Reserve Champion Ridden Palomino




1547 Led Friesian Stallion/Colt

1548 Led Friesian Mare/Filly

1549 Led Friesian Gelding

1550 Champion Led Friesian

1551 Reserve Champion Led Friesian

1552 Ridden Friesian Stallion

1553 Ridden Friesian Mare

1554 Ridden Friesian Gelding

1555a Champion Ridden Friesian

1555b Reserve Champion Ridden Friesian

1556 Costume Class




1557 Led Mare

1558 Led Gelding

1559a Champion Led Thoroughbred

1559b Reserve Champion Led Thoroughbred

1560 Ridden Thoroughbred Mare

1561 Ridden Thoroughbred Gelding

1562a Champion Ridden Thoroughbreds

1562b Reserve Champion Thoroughbreds ASPA

1563 Led Mare 1564 Led Gelding 1565a Champion ASPA

1565b Reserve Champion ASPA

1556 Ridden ASPA under 13.2hh

1557 Ridden ASPA 13.2hh n/e 14.2hh

1558a Champion Ridden ASPA

1558b Reserve Champion Ridden ASPA




1559 Led Mare

1560 Led Gelding

1561a Champion Pony

1561b Reserve Champion Pony

1561 Ridden Riding Pony Mare

1562 Ridden Riding Pony Gelding

1563a Champion Ridden Riding Pony

1563b Reserve Champion Ridden Riding Pony




For all other breeds not catered for in the program.

1564 Led Mare

1565 Led Gelding

1566a Champion Other Breed

1566b Reserve Champion Other Breed

1567 Ridden Other Breed Mare

1568 Ridden Other Breed Gelding

1569a Champion Ridden Other Breed

1569b Reserve Champion Ridden Other Breed

1570 Supreme Led Breed Horse of Ring 5 $100 & Garland

1571 Supreme Ridden Breed Horse of Ring 5 $100 & Garland HARNESS NON-HACKNEY

1572 Novice Pony/Horse

1573 Shetland Pony In Harness

1574 Open Pony n/e 12.2hh

1575 Open Pony 12.2hh n/e 14hh

1576 Open Horse over 14hh

1577a Champion Non Hackney Pony or Horse

1577b Reserve Champion Non Hackney Pony or Horse HACKNEY

1578 Hackney Pony n/e 14hh

1579 Hackney Horse over 14hh 1580a Champion Hackney Pony or Horse

1580b Reserve Champion Hackney Pony or Horse

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