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Bread & Baking

Entry Free

Chief Steward: 



All OPEN Classes are available to be contested by Professional Bakers and Pastry cooks.

Yeasted Breads (Contain Yeast and can contain some culture)

3101 Wheat Flour Only

3102 Mixed Flours (wheat and/or any other flour)

3103 Rye Flour (majority of Rye flour greater then 50%)

3104 Champion Yeasted Bread Prize $10.00

3105 Reserve Champion Yeasted Bread

Naturally Leavened Breads (NO YEAST e.g Sourdough bread)

3106 Wheat Flour only

3107 Mixed Flours (wheat and/or any other flour)

3108 Rye Flour (majority of Rye flour greater then 50%)

3109 Champion Naturally Leavened Bread Prize $10.00

3110 Reserve Champion Leavened Bread

Machine Bread Loaf

3111 Pre-Mix

3112 Own Mix

3113 Champion Machine Loaf Prize $10.00

3114 Reserve Champion Machine Loaf

Sweet or Savoury Bread

3112 Yeasted Loaf

3113 Naturally Leavened Loaf

3114 Champion Sweet or Savoury Loaf Prize $10.00

3115 Reserve Champion Sweet Loaf


3116 Plain Damper

3117 Savoury or Sweet Damper

3118 Champion Damper Prize $10.00

3119 Reserve Champion Damper

3120 Perpetual Trophy Donated by DOJO Bread for the best Loaf or Rolls made with some Rye Flour. 

3121 GRAND CHAMPION BREAD EXHIBIT Prize $50.00 plus Perpetual Trophy Donated by Ian and Noelene Cargill.

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